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Moomal in her home town

Introducing you to Moomal, I hope you like meeting her.

Pubblicato da Sambhali Trust -" Empowering women and children in Rajasthan" su Martedì 6 novembre 2018

In September I left for a two month trip to India.
I worked as a graphic designer for the NGO Sambhali Trust,
a non-profit charitable organisation, whose focus is the development and empowerment of women and children in Rajasthan.
Do you want to help too? You can offer a sewing machine here or buy something in the boutique

I also studied yoga in Rishikesh @yogavidyamandiram, cooked paneer masala in Delhi @tastesutra and learned to surf in Kerala @soulandsurf

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September in Sweden

Trip from Stockholm to Göteborg!


A new challenge!

New job! Now I’m working at Frittelli Contemporary Art Gallery.